Pudding Mill Lane Substation

We’re building a new electricity substation at our site in Pudding Mill Lane.

We play an integral role in directly connecting the UK’s rail network to the national electricity network. We’re building this new electricity substation to support the delivery of Crossrail, Europe’s largest infrastructure project.

We’re committed to keeping you informed about our work at Pudding Mill Lane and will keep you updated with our plans throughout this project. Our project is scheduled to be fully complete in spring 2017.

Temporary towpath suspension
28 January – 11 February 2017

As Crossrail has finished improvement works to its flood defence wall along the River Lea Towpath, a temporary suspension of the towpath will be in place between 28 January and 11 February 2017. This is to facilitate the safe removal of scaffolding and site hoarding as well as to reinstate the green landscaping along the towpath. The floating walkway will not be in use as a result of the temporary suspension.

During this time you’ll need to leave the towpath at the junction with the Greenway by Wick Lane if travelling south. Or at High Street Stratford by Bow Roundabout if travelling north, then follow the diverted route shown on the map via the link below.

Diverted route map

Next steps

Once we’ve completed the upgrade to cables below the towpath we’ll need to carry out further work to connect Crossrail to our electricity network. We don’t anticipate this will have any impact on the towpath, however you may notice some activity on our site at Cook’s Road until our work is complete in spring 2017.